Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weekly Devotional 1

Dear readers,
I would like to share with you personal lessons or short messages every week that touch me in a special way, with the hope of someday touching hearts that are in need of encouragement.
I do this, mostly for myself, hoping to draw near to the Lord, as I contemplate His goodness in my life and on this whole Earth.

I would like to start this week with something that the Lord has been putting in my heart lately:
And that is dreams....everybody has dreams! I don't mean the kind of dreams that you have while you're sleeping, those are okay sometimes, except when they're like the one I had the other night where I dreamed that I was losing all of my hair....not nice.
Anyway, I'm talking about the kind of dreams that are more like wishes.
Now that I'm getting closer to the finish line in school, I've thought a lot about my dreams, and things that I would like to do with my life. Well, I came up with a lot of them! I had a huge bucket list of dreams, so I started asking the Lord to show me which one I should choose. I came to a point where I even felt frustrated because I couldn't see how many of them could come true. 
Then one day, as I was doing my morning devotions, I started singing the song that goes: "Take my life, make my life just like you want it to be. Lord, please change me, change me dear Lord."
And suddenly it struck me, instead of asking Him to help me choose one of my wishes, I needed to ask Him to use my life for His wish! that might require a lot, but am I willing to give Him my all?
And so now I want to face adulthood from a new perspective, it's okay to dream, to plan, as long as you're willing to let Him choose what is best for you.

I've learned that if I put everything on the altar, God receives it, and returns showers of blessings. Not always in the way or time that we expect it, but in the best way, in His perfect timing.

I love the Christian point of view from a water cycle illustration:

God bless


  1. Wow, that is very true!!
    I was in the same dilemma (we often are!! haha) and now you have encouraged me to continually ask for His will more than mine. 1 Thessalonians 4, the first part of verse 3 says: "For this is the will of God, your sanctification..." Paul clearly states that God's will is for our continued growth in holiness, and "He who has began a good work in you, will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." (Phil.1:6). It is so neat to hear your new perspective, and to truly realize that since the Lord created the whole world, and therefore has complete ownership over us, He is the only One in whom we should trust and hope!!
    Thanks Laura, that was so good!!!
    Love you, Desiree

  2. Nos dejaste speechless!!! Es precioso lo que hiciste en tu Devotional 1, esto va a edificar a muchos jóvenes que lo lean y que esten en una situación similar a la tuya. Es un milagro ver como tu conoces Su Presencia y puedas decir que El te hablo! Estamos muy agradecidos por tu vida, nuestra oración es que Dios te use y puedas ser una luz para muchos, como estamos seguros ha sido hasta ahora. Que ese ciclo del agua sea tu experiencia diaria, preciosa…te animamos a seguir adelante….nos gusto, nos encanto…..Dios puede seguir haciendo de ti un canal de Su favor. Tus comentarios están salpicados de un poco de todo, pero sobretodo hay un toque de los cielos en Su vida esta ahí. SIGUELE, SIGUELE
    Yeyo y Pita