Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Weekly Devotional "Snow"

Dear readers,
I apologize for not posting a weekly devotional in a long time! I finally have some time to share one with you, so here it goes! hope you enjoy it. :)

It was a cold day. The blizzard from the previous day had finally calmed down, and I could even see a glimpse of blue sky in the distance. I didn't feel like going out, even though I always enjoyed going out every morning to do chores, but today I thought that it was way too cold for any sane human being to be outside, but nevertheless I pulled my winter boots on, and the fifty layers of coats and vests that are needed so that you don't freeze, and headed to the barn.
I was half way there, and my face already felt frozen, I was struggling to walk without falling, but the snow was up to my knees. I was panting hard, so I decided to stop for a few seconds to catch my breath, I fell on my back, staring at the sky, letting the snow flakes fall on my face, and thought  how awful and uncomfortable Winter can be, but how the snow makes it beautiful.
After a little while, I stood up, and started to walk towards the barn again, looking around me I was reminded of the verse in Psalms that says: "Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."
"Wow, whiter than snow?!" I said out loud, and grabbed a handful of snow. I thought how wonderful it would be if the Lord could do that in my life,  "I want my heart to be white as snow" I whispered. "I want my life to be beautiful in Your eyes, Lord, as I see how beautiful the snow is in the midst of the freezing, deadly Winter." After I had finished all the chores, I made my way back to the house, I couldn't wait to go back and have a warm cup of coffee, but instead of heading straight to the house, I stayed outside a little longer appreciating the beauty of the snow, soon, I went inside to get my camera.

I learned that God is in the details, that He speaks to us through Creation, and that there is always something beautiful in the middle of something terrible.

I was inspired to make a video, which I named "Snow":

Thanks for watching, and for taking the time to read my little experiences, I appreciate it a lot!

God Bless


  1. Oh how beautiful!! He is truly exalted through this devotionals, we are motivated to contemplate God's glory, to behold His beauty, to long for His tender hand to cleanse us.

  2. Hey, this is a great post!! Love how you tied in all of those truths together in such a wonderful post@@ Thanks for writing!!

  3. It is great to find a lesson in every day .........l