Sunday, 7 December 2014

December Greetings

Hello everybody!!
Yup....I'm still alive. I apologize for being absent this last few weeks, but as all of you well know, the last months of the year are always so busy! so please forgive me if I am not the most faithful blogger in the block these days! :)
But anyway, here are a couple of videos I finished this week! the first one is a preview with clips of coming-soon videos and already-finished projects. And the second one is a short educational video I did for kids to learn more about the work on a dairy farm. Enjoy! :)

LaPro Studio Moments:

A Trip to the Dairy:

Here are a few pictures....
The landscape doesn't vary much during the Winter so I hope you don't get too tired of only seeing white pictures for a while! :)

The Lord paints the skies so beautifully!!

I love watching the sunset with this buddy of mine ;)

A herd of buffalo on the snowy prairies....

Celebrating Mom and Julianne's birthdays!

Well guys! I hope you are all enjoying the last month of 2014!! let's try to make each day count by honouring God in all that we do and blessing those around us!