Friday, 22 August 2014

Weekly Post....Warning: this one might bore you

So it's been a crazy week, and you might not believe me, but I didn't really take any pictures this week!! and even if I posted the two or three I's almost midnight and I should really hit the hay. I just came back from having a fun time at a rodeo, and well the only reason I won't post any photos of that is because my camera decided to have the day off (I freaked out, but thankfully I was able to fix the problem) so anyway, if you really, really want to see a picture, this one (thanks to a mobile device) will have to do for now:

I would actually like to congratulate everyone that is reading this, you're probably falling asleep as I ramble on with excuses for not really having anything to post this week, but I assure you that next week's post will be more interesting! (I hope) You see, tomorrow we are going camping, that is why I must leave you, but I will be taking lots and lots of pictures to show you guys when I come back! ;) I have also been working on a new recording, so if I hurry maaaaybe there will be a new song next week! :D

Thank you SO much for reading my posts every week!! I really appreciate it! <3

Keep smiling, :)

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  1. bueno , esperamos la proxima publicacion mas emocionante, como sea nos reimos un poco, siempre nos gusta leer las noticias de la you !=)