Friday, 29 August 2014

August's Final Weekly Post

Wow! it's hard to believe that August is coming to an end, and before we know it, 
Summer will be gone too!!
I need to remind myself to enjoy each day and every moment.....because time sure flies!!

Anyway, here are this week's pictures!

On the weekend we went camping.
We hiked up to Summit Lake, where we had lunch and enjoyed a cool foggy view.

 It was pretty rainy and cold....
We are actually freezing in the picture below:
(I know, we hide it so well.)

Here we are setting up camp.
Eating breakfast.

 No matter how cloudy it is, the mountains are still beautiful!
it was a very fun trip, even though it was a little cold! ;)

So back on the sunny prairies.....

We have been enjoying the apples, and Mom's delicious apple sauce!

The dogs going for a swim in the Milk River....

This is a picture of the barn in January:

And this is a picture of it in August! :)

I love to spend time in the barn, especially in the loft....Max, is always waiting for me to come down!

Got to spend some time with the Josties on Sunday!

Always so much fun to hang out with these two!

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  1. Bien bonitas fotos!.....los paisajes son lindos aun cuando esta friito y nublado.