Saturday, 6 June 2015

Be Still...

"Be still...and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

"What have you been up to?" you may be asking. 
Well let's just say that I've been trying to outrun a storm. 

But I am learning to stand still and watch the beauty within the storm instead...because by trying to run along with it, I will never be able to escape it.
And surprisingly, if you squint your eyes and try to look beyond the strong winds and freezing cold, you will suddenly see the beautiful work of art that the storm is actually leaving behind.

Life is such a fascinating adventure isn't it? And even those storms in life make it all more exciting!

For those of you who are really interested to know what I've been up to, (other than chasing storms) I've been working as a photovidesignographer, (I had to come up with some kind of a title for myself) and then the rest of the time I've been helping my family run a zoo...
well, not quite, but getting close! ;) 

Seriously though, a lot of things have been going on that have kept me from doing weekly posts. But I am finally getting back to posting regularly during the summer months (don't be too hard on me if I miss a weekend though! :P)

I have a couple of videos in the making, but I haven't had the chance to finish them yet, so come back next week to check them out!

I also wanted to let everybody know that my website ( will be down for a couple of days, but will be up and running again soon.

Weekly Reminder:
"When there is nothing left but God, 
that is when you find that God is all you need."


June has arrived once again...and with it, there also comes beautiful sunsets, striking thunderstorms, and magnificent starry skies! I'm so excited to share this summer's pictures with all of you!!

The farm is blooming...

Preparing a home for our new bees. 
(I told you we've been beesy!)

Chatting, laughing, and just having fun while riding on the prairies with some of my favorite people is absolutely wonderful!

The Goose Family :)

Mother's Day...

Tea time!

On our way to checking the cows out in the pasture.

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing all the different baby animals!

Meet Milo....
He was badly injured by one of our dogs when he was only two weeks old. Ever since we have been trying to care for him as best as we can, and miraculously he is still alive and getting better each day!
I am not a huge cat fan, but this little guy totally stole my heart. :)

A colorful summer day coming to an end....

Thanks for stopping by.
I'll see you next week!


  1. I enjoy your blog so much, thanks for sharing!

  2. si , ya te extranabamos , pero deplano es una epoca ocupada para ustedes con ese clima tan lindo oir de ti y una gran bendicion!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! Just what I needed!