Friday, 20 February 2015

Our Plans vs. God's Purpose (Back in Alberta!)

Someone once told me that life is like a puzzle, and instead of trying to figure out the whole puzzle at once, you should try to figure it out one piece at a time.

Life greatly consists of plans and dreams, and sometimes we even focus on our future plans more that the present. When we're not planning our life out, we're daydreaming about it, and at the end of the day we only feel discouraged because another day has gone by without our plans being fulfilled.

But what would happen if we realized that it is not our plans that form our lives, but God's purpose? We can daydream all we want, but at the end of the day we'll find that we don't have control over what happens each day, but God's purpose for that day was indeed fulfilled because God already knew what was going to happen today since the day you were born! 
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, let's try to live and enjoy the Lord's purpose for the present, and let's allow God to live in our future! 

Well, that is one puzzle piece that I've been figuring out lately, and I wanted to share it with you. :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you have an excellent weekend!


On Monday, at the age of one hundred, my great grandma (Mimi) went to meet with the Lord.
Although we are sad of losing her, we rejoice to know that she is now delighting in the presence of God.

"You will be missed."


Here's a little video I made of my trip to the States last month:

And for the ones that haven't seen it, here's the latest one of the Educational Video Series:

Recent Pictures:

Back in beautiful Alberta!

The newest addition to the farm!

Spot the goat!!

Beautiful day for a ride on the prairies....


  1. Moshi que lindo lo que escribiste, fue de mucha bendicion para mi leerlo, gracias!

  2. Que precioso lo que el Senor hace, que precioso como nos va enseniando que vivir confiando y esperando en El es mejor.
    Que precioso tambien tener tantos recuerdos de lo que El nos permite vivir y disfrutarlos en fotos y videos como los que haces, es una de mis cosas favoritas!!
    Thank you mi linda!
    Let's watch the Lord work in His ways, trusting Him to fulfill His plans.